Cooking with Cooked and Uncooked Bulk Raw Mangoes

Are you looking for recipes that use both cooked and uncooked varieties of bulk raw mangoes? Look no further! This article will provide you with two delicious recipes that make use of both cooked and uncooked mangoes. Perfect for a light lunch, rice is cooked with raw mangoes, curry leaves, peanuts and roasted lentils. This traditional fish curry is light and aromatic, stewed in raw mangoes and infused with coconut milk. The acidity of raw mangoes goes very well with the sweetness of tomatoes and the spicy flavor of ginger.

Raw Mango Benefits

Raw mangoes contain more vitamin C than sweet ripe mangoes and work wonders for all stomach problems.

They also contain pectin, which is found in other fruits such as berries and apples, making them good for your heart. The extra dose of vitamin C helps the absorption of iron and, therefore, raw mangoes are often recommended to those suffering from anemia.


Here are two recipes that make use of both cooked and uncooked varieties of bulk raw mangoes:
  • Simple Panna Recipe: This recipe is so easy to prepare and all you need are a few simple ingredients, such as raw mangoes and mint leaves.
  • Smoked Aam Panna: This recipe is made with fire-roasted mangoes. It's a great way to enjoy the smoky flavor of the mangoes.
Toor Dal: Toor dal, a famous dish from Uttar Pradesh, is prepared with pieces of raw mangoes and spices and is finished with warm crunchy curry leaves.

Aamras Ki Kadhi

: Quick, easy and spicy, Aamras ki Kadhi is a delicious mix of raw mango puree, buttermilk and besan, along with a host of other spices and chilies.

Spicy Mango Chutney

: Spicy and spicy, this chutney is prepared with raw or green mango and is usually eaten as a side dish.

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